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Video Projector Buying Guide - HowStuffWorks

Setup costs for a video projector depend on how you plan to use it. For most projectors, you'll need a place to rest or mount the projector. You could place the projector on a table, but that might not be ideal if it gets in the way. You can find a variety of wall and ceiling mounts as an ...

What's the average cost of a Thanksgiving meal ...

The American Farm Bureau Association found that the average cost of a Thanksgiving meal in 2008 for 10 people was $44.61, about $4.50 per person [source: Sherman]. Of course, this is an average, so spending on fresh ingredients, organics, extra food for leftovers and additional items like alcohol can make your meal significantly more expensive.

How Much Does It Cost to Charge an Electric Car ...

How Much Does It Cost to Charge an Electric Car? by Kristen Hall-Geisler. ... This post, part of a series we're running all about electric cars, was written by Kristen Hall-Geisler from HowStuffWorks.com. Electric cars that run only on power stored in their batteries -- no gasoline required -- are going to hit the mass market in the United ...

Why do movies cost so much to make? | HowStuffWorks

2009 was an unpredictable year for the film industry. The $100 million Will Ferrell vehicle "Land of the Lost," brought in a meager $65 million in worldwide box office receipts, while the sleeper hit "Paranormal Activity," made for $10,000 in relative pocket change, broke the $100 million mark ...

Search Results | HowStuffWorks

Visit HowStuffWorks to learn how NASA has improved solar energy and its applications in everyday life. ... Find out if solar atmospheric water generators can help save on energy costs in this article. Captured CO2 Could Store Energy From Solar Panels and Wind Turbines.

Railroads During the Depression | HowStuffWorks

The period between 1930 and 1945 was a time of contrast and change. The railroad industry, shrunken by economic crisis and competition from the automobile, developed new ways, to lower costs and attract passengers.Meanwhile, diesel locomotives began to replace steam engines as the nation prepared for war. Literally everything moved by rail during the conflict, leaving the railroads exalted but ...

What is the average cost of a speeding ticket? | HowStuffWorks

One in every six Americans gets a speeding ticket every year -- that's about 41 million tickets a year and 100,000 tickets per day [source: Mr. Ticket].When the police stop drivers who are exceeding the speed limit, they're working to keep our roadways safe, but it's no secret that tickets are a prominent source of revenue for state and local governments.

1969 Ford Fairlane Cobra 428 | HowStuffWorks

Ford jumped on the budget-muscle car bandwagon with the 1969 Ford Fairlane Cobra 428. This midsize model was a little out of character for the brand: It performed. The subject was a dressed-down Fairlane hardtop or SportsRoof fastback with the grille blacked out and minimal exterior ornamentation; about the only clue to the car's true nature were small Cobra snake emblems and "428" badges.

Costs of House Moving | HowStuffWorks

One of the most important factors in house moving is how you intend to get the home from Point A to Point B. A house mover's equipment can pick up any house, no matter how heavy or large, but if the path to the new lot is littered with obstructions such as …

How a Movie Budget is Spent | HowStuffWorks

When calculating a marketing budget, the rule of thumb is to spend 50 percent of the rest of the production costs (pre-production, filming and post-production) [source: Vogel]. So if a movie costs $100 million to make, you'll need an additional $50 million to sell it.

How Stereolithography 3-D Layering Works - HowStuffWorks

Stereolithography is not an inexpensive process. The machines themselves usually cost in excess of $250,000. They have to be vented because of fumes created by the polymer and the solvents. The polymer itself is extremely expensive. CibaTool SL5170 resin, a common photopolymer used in stereolithography, typically costs about $800/gallon.

How Timeshares Work - HowStuffWorks

Timeshare resorts will also tack on extra real-estate fees when the share is sold, such as a transfer fee and a recording fee.If the resort decides to make a major improvement to the property, or it has to make major repairs, it might be able to assess a large fee to the shareowners to cover the costs.

The Cost of Desalination - HowStuffWorks

Exactly how much each state receives is determined by the Federal Medicaid Matching Rate (FMAP), which takes a state's overall wealth into consideration. In 2011 the total costs covered by state and federal funding was an estimated $414 billion, and, on average, the federal grants to states covers about 57 percent of costs [source: CBPP].

What is the cost of heart failure? | HowStuffWorks

Heart failure puts very significant health and financial burdens on patients, their families and society as a whole. According to the American Heart Association, in 2008 the estimated total cost of heart failure in the United States will be more than $35 billion.

HowStuffWorks Now | Stuff Media

Your weekly dose of some of the world's latest and greatest science news, technological advancements, absurd curiosities and groundbreaking research in everything from ancient history to the future of astrophysics. Join Lauren Vogelbaum and the HowStuffWorks team as they explore humanity's newest discoveries in HowStuffWorks NOW.

The Harmless Garter Snake Is Your Garden's ... - HowStuffWorks

Jun 17, 2019· If you live anywhere in North America, chances are you've seen a garter snake slithering past. For many, such a sight might cause a flinch or scream or, for a die hard and curious few, the need to get closer. If you're in the latter category, be careful. While garters are relatively harmless, if you ...

The Ultimate Health Insurance Quiz | HowStuffWorks

The cost of health care in the United States is staggering, and health insurance, which pays some of the bills, is an often complicated benefit that none of us like until we need it. Take this quiz to see how much you know about health insurance.

Castle Construction | HowStuffWorks

HowStuffWorks. Culture. History. Historical Figures. How Castles Work. by Craig Freudenrich, Ph.D. Castle Construction. Prev NEXT . An aerial view of Warwick Castle. Photo courtesy Warwick Castle. Castle construction was an expensive undertaking; King Edward I nearly bankrupted the royal treasuries by spending about 100,000 pounds on his ...

How Vampire Power Works | HowStuffWorks

In the United States alone, vampire power costs consumers more than $3 billion a year [source: Energy Information Administration]. Over time, many microwaves and televisions actually consume more electricity during the hours they're not in use than the times you're actually using them to heat up dinner and watch your favorite show.

10 Biggest Wedding Expenses | HowStuffWorks

The average U.S. wedding costs nearly $30,000, not including the honeymoon or engagement ring (more on that later). Many couples plan and save for years leading up to the big day, but even with a carefully prepared budget, most go overboard as they work to achieve the perfect wedding.

What Are Closing Costs? | HowStuffWorks

If you live in a highly taxed area, for example, your closing costs will be higher. Also, realtors, lenders and attorneys have differing fee scales depending on the markets they work in. Typically, you will pay anywhere from 3 to 6 percent of your total loan amount in closing costs -- that means $3,000 to $6,000 if you get a $100,000 loan.

Lifestyle | HowStuffWorks

Dec 19, 2019· The lifestyle channel of HowStuffWorks has you covered - from crafts to event planning, food and style. Check out these lifestyle articles for great tips and tricks.

Can You Name Seven of These Heavenly Sports Cars ...

Some cars are made for the daily commute. Some cars are made to show off at the beach. Some cars are made to be a slice of heaven on Earth. Can you name the rarest and most heavenly sports cars the world has ever seen?

Assisted Living Costs | HowStuffWorks

Medicaid is government assistance for health costs that is available to limited-income or asset-depleted elderly Americans. Regulations for Medicaid's payment for assisted living vary from state to state, but more than 100,000 people receive Medicaid assistance toward the cost of assisted living [source: National Center for Assisted Living].

Organic Certification Costs and Criticisms | HowStuffWorks

Organic certification can be expensive. However, the cost is not meant to be prohibitive. When the certification process was first introduced, the NOP estimated certification would cost, on average, $750 per farm.In practice, the actual cost varies based on the certifying agency, the size of the farm and other factors like administrative fees.

How Satellites Work - HowStuffWorks

A small launch vehicle such as the Pegasus XL rocket can lift 976 pounds (443 kilograms) into low-Earth orbit for about $13.5 million. That works out to be almost $14,000 per pound. A heavy launch vehicle, on the other hand, costs more to launch but also provides a greater lifting force.

How much would it cost? | HowStuffWorks

The Great Pyramid is even a little smaller than the Hoover Dam -- only about 2.5 million cubic yards of concrete is needed. But this is still going to be an expensive project. If you're buying it by the truckload, concrete costs about $80 per square yard. For a big job like …

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